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Ladies, ladies, ladies – it’s here, it’s really here! It’s officially the first full day of FALL! Anyone else love fall as much as me? I mean if I’m being honest, I probably like best to what I reference as an “Indian Summer” where it’s still warm into October but cool at night! I should probably google if my understanding of Indian Summer is what I really think it is from childhood, but hey here we are mama is on a mission today! It also marks our anniversary weekend!

Wedding Photo

Travis and I were married yesterday, 6 years ago on a brisk 55 degree day right off the river. So if you check out my wedding photos – I’m totallyyyyyy shrugging in order to generate heat. But those photos aren’t as cool as this one, so here’s our attendees from our wedding! I always feel it necessary to mention that even though we’ve “only” been married for 6 years that we’ve been together for now almost 13 – like I want those years to count too right? Am I the only one who’s like hey…..I put in a lot of work prior to marriage, let’s not forget that? No…. ok well then…!

But I digress, you came here for some fall tips! So let’s dive right in!
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Then may have seen that here a few weeks ago I shared some of the 2018 Fall Trends for fashion! The thing that I think ladies, at least I know I did for sure before was a trend had to be like what they wore on the runways. And if you’re a Midwest girl like me, you have probably thought once or twice – what are they wearing! But the fun part about this small business is that I’ve realize a fashion trend is ALL in how you interrupt it. One of my favorite quotes, “Fashion is a trend, style lives within a person.” Oscar De La Renta. How you show up each day is your style and how you interrupt a runway walk is your style! So remember when checking out some of these trends, how you put your twist on it what matters ladies! If you want to see more of these trends for fall head to one of those platforms and you’ll see the full write up I did for them, this is only a highlight!
Plaid – We’re not talking the old humpty dumpty plaid here ladies, think checkered styles with a modern twist! They’re more fitted or have pretty embellishments or fun color combos! If you’re just looking for a slimmer updated version of a classic buffalo plaid, check out this top we have! Paired here with a modern strappy tank in olive and of course, one of our favorite pair of KanCan jeans!

    Plaid Shirt
    Sparkle – I mean can we all just relive our 90’s days with shiny sparkly things!! Just as it sounds, you’re adding little embellishments of shine to your outfit. An easy way to add is like our Hawkeye Sparkle top or for the nights out a shiny purse or accessory! You can of course show off allll the shine and do a full sequin skirt or blazer. These items get great re-use come the holiday season for special events or of course, your favorite New Year’s Eve festivities. Wear as much or as little as you’d like and you’ll be golden either way!

    Animal Prints – Can anyone say leopard? Do you know how excited I was yesterday when I realized I could rock my leopard shoes with my Iowa Hawkeyes outfit! Leopard fit right into the “Gold-Out” game! But this trend is more than just leopard – also super popular is snakeskin! These prints don’t have to be in traditional “as seen on the animal” prints either – think new updated color themes if you’re wanting to sport some new prints. You may see a recurring theme here but just like the sparkle, this trend can be worn as just a touch of animal print in a clutch, wrist band or a little more in a cute bootie or lastly think a full print jacket or skirt! We love our Aspen Oak Leopard Booties which ties into one of this year’s additional trends with leaning more towards the browns instead of the blacks this season as well!

    Leopard Booties

      We have a lot more than just fashion to showcase in this guide for getting ready for fall, but if you want more tips on fall fashion stay tuned to next week’s update with even more styles! When we think of getting ready for a season it is more than just needing to freshen up the closet. We’re adults here ladies, that means we need to look at the full picture of our lives! On Friday, I got my hair freshened up for….. wait for it….fall! And did an impromptu interview of my hair stylist, Mariah Knop.

      HA Hair

      When I asked her to shed some light on what she’s seeing in Eastern Iowa for hair trends this year and any tips for you ladies here is what she provided. Turns out I went “off the trend” for what she’s noticing and did the classic of going dark again for the season. Mariah stated she’s noticed that ladies are asking to keep going more blonde! If you find yourself a great stylist like Mariah, she’ll save you from yourself! Like talk you out of bangs and tell you no Nicki, you can’t go straight from your blonde to burgundy unless you want a pink hue to your hair! So cue here – when you’re stylist is discussing your new do trust her recommendations, this is her living and she knows what she’s doing! On another note, a very important tip from Mariah was don’t wait until winter to start moisturizing your hair and scalp. You know how your hair acts best whether it’s your scalp or the hair shaft that reacts to the dry air so talk with your stylist about what you need most. And a tip from me, get good hair products with your shampoo and conditioner. I didn’t realize until I started using them of what a difference it makes on your hair. I have been using Matrix hair products and have noticed great growth in length and little to no split ends. Even Mariah noticed, and she only manages my hair ever 3 months.  Since I just got my hair done Friday, I haven’t taken a “cute” shot of it to sport for you ladies – so just trust it’s as good as all her other work like my photo from last week! Check out the bottom of this blog to see how to reach Mariah!

      Did you think we’re just going to stop at hair? Another great quote from Mariah, “treat your hair just like your skin.” Which leads me into fall trends in makeup and some skin care tips! I have my first guest contributor in this post from Theresa Johnson. Here is what she has to offer:
      “Trust me, the dark lip isn't going anywhere (thank goodness). The classic beauty staple can be changed up with a satin, matte, glossy and even metallic finish. So many fun colors and finishes are being released. Burgundy, plum and orange eye shadows will make any eye color pop, don’t be afraid of color! Pair your fun eye with a nude pink lip and rock your look. Fall makeup theme: Bring on the burgundy! 

      With the colder months comes drier skin. In my case, dry skin but still somehow gets oily; the worst! Moisturizer is your friend, even if your skin is oily lube up. Makeup applies easier and stays longer on supple skin. Little secret moisturized skin ages better too! Our skin tends to get dull after losing its summer sun. Snag yourself some exfoliant face wash, brightening masks and moisturizer and you'll be set! 

      YOUNIQUE products are my go to Makeup and skin regime.”
       One of the #mindblowing tips I saw her give recently was that you can put bronzer on as EYE SHADOW. Like whattttt? That’s an awesome idea! I personally have the Younique bronzer and use it every dang day, it gives the perfect amount of glow! Totally will be trying out her bronzer – eyeshadow tips. If you want to see some of her makeup applications videos or wonder how to reach her, check out the bottom of this blog! Here is this gorgeous lady doing a before and after of her makeup application! Look at that LIP!!! Gorgeous!
      If you ladies have been following along, you know I love me some Rachel Hollis – like seriously do I write about her every blog? She’s that good! When gearing up for fall, she gracefully reminds us that we should not throw in the towel for our health and mindset for the last 90 days of the year. So don’t wait until January 1st to say you’re going to then make changes, start now and then be better than you have ever been before on January 1st! Effective October 1st, she and her husband are hosting a “Last 90 Days Challenge”. If you want to sign up to get the weekly Monday newsletters on areas to focus on you can sign up here totally free!
      You can follow a dialogue around the newsletter for extra accountability and if you know her and her husband, Dave laughs on her Instagram feed @msrachelhollis every weekday at 8A for a live Instagram story! It’s definitely one of my guilty pleasures to watch their daily “show.” In this last 90 days challenge, she will talk about their 5 daily habits to live an exceptional life and coping with stress over the holidays with an abundance more knowledge. So do your January 1st self a favor and start now!
      Last but certainly not least, maybe one of the more exciting areas for those of you who get to do it. But taking care of yourself sometimes means setting time to get away! We’re talking vacation time! Read a little diddy from my girl, Stephanee Hughson about using this time in fall to plan!
      “As the weather gets colder, it's time to think about the tropics! Fall is the best time to book for your winter travel to the Caribbean for many reasons, such as hurricane season ends November 30, the ocean temps are perfect and there are lots of deals! 
      The Caribbean is a gorgeous place to escape our Midwest snow and ice, whether it be the breathtaking beaches of Aruba, the exhilarating water sports in Hawaii, or the sunsets in'll surely find your personal paradise. Airlines often offer additional service out of most gateways during winter months to accommodate the influx of travelers, which often means better airline prices since there are more seats to fill.
      Travelers to the Caribbean in the winter months often enjoy delicious fresh fruits, a wide array of fresh caught fish, and best of all, sand between their toes! The beaches are perfect to relax on by day and listening to the waves crash at night will certainly soothe your soul.
      Plans in Paradise specializes in matching you with the perfect island paradise by finding a destination that meets your expectations and satisfies your travel appetite. The internet can be overwhelming when trying to sort through vacation locales, resorts, amenities, destination characteristics, etc. so using the expertise of a travel agent can save you time and money so all you need to worry about is how many swim suits and flip flops to pack!”
      Even if you’re a frequent traveler, you can get some great return on investment let alone time back in your life with using a travel agent! She is a great resource and is amazing at customer service when answering your 100 questions (like she has for me😊)! Check out her info below with the other gals!
      Today we’ve covered a lot – it may even require a couple times to go through all this info but we hope you enjoy all these goodies! I specifically reached out to these ladies to contribute because of the value they provide their communities just because they love what they do. In this small business space, we need to lift each other up and give shout outs to others often! If you would like to be featured in any of our upcoming blogs, shoot us an email to collaborate!
      Now where to find these gorgeous ladies and let them know you found them here:
      Mariah Knop:
      Shop: Rejuvenation Station Day Spa, Clinton, Iowa.
      Facebook: Mariah Knop
      Instagram: mariahxknop
      Cell: 563-639-8473
      *text to book an appointment with her and she’ll reach back when she’s setting up appointments. She’s generally about 2-3 weeks out to schedule a time with her. And book your holiday schedule early!
      Theresa Johnson:
      Instagram: Theresa_johnson
      Shop: She’s a stay at home mama of 3 littles, including a set of 1-year old twins so if you shoot her a message give some grace and she’ll get back to you as soon as she can! She’d love to help with any makeup questions or skin care questions!
      Stephanee Hughson:
      Facebook: Plans in Paradise
      Instagram: plansinpardise
      Cell: 563-613-0081
      Make sure to come back next week for more goodness like this today! Until then, Happy Fall!


      Nicki Sig


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