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We’ve been going thru a crazy amount of our customer favorite, KanCan Jeans for two years running now! I think for a small business, that speaks for itself when demand for a brand is continuous then you know not only is the quality there but the fit and feel is spot on too! So by now, perhaps you’re a customer of ours and have started a collection of these jeans and we want to help you protect your jeans for years of wear!
If you’re not a customer of ours, these tips will still certainly help you care for your Jean drawer goodies however we would be remiss if we didn’t invite you to check out our Jean selection HERE. Now why do ladies love this KanCan brand so much?
Since getting the storefront in March 2019 it has been one of my most favorite things in getting to be around ladies who literally will shout from the changing room when they try on their first pair of KanCans! They remark on how soft the denim is and if you’re a woman - you know the “squat test”. For some reason we always feel the need to do a squat test or karate chop the air when testing out jeans like should our mama bear senses be called out at any moment to protect our young, we know our jeans will survive the test.
But it’s all in the make up....
What makes these jeans so soft yet hug all your curves just right? It’s all in their denim “genetics”! The staple KanCan material is comprised of generally 75% or less of cotton and 2% spandex with the rest being fabric between a Rayon and polyester. Sometimes KanCan will change up their denim makeup to majority cotton and 1-2% spandex, in these cases they tend to run a little smaller with not as much flex from the Rayon and poly blend! But with their classic denim makeup, it makes for a Jean that just glides right on and even helps prevent the beloved “back gap”!
So now that you have a fav pair of jeans ... or maybe more in your drawers, you’ll want to take care of them so you can keep wearing and wearing and wearing them! So here’s a just a few tips to help you ensure you’re getting the most out of your jeans!
Step 1: You Don’t Need To Wash Them After Every Wear
Did you know each time you wash clothing it breaks down the fibers just a little at a time? Here’s part of why the denim makeup of KanCan last so well:
The cotton is a natural fiber that helps slow the process of the fibers breaking down. And the polyester, Rayon and spandex, which are synthetic fibers, helps to preserve color fastness. So for example: if a pair of black jeans is majority cotton they are more likely to loose some of their color in a traditional wash and dryer cycle.
So keep those jeans looking fresh and wear them 2-3 times before washing...unless of course they’re actually dirty from filthy little child hands 😂. I’ve also heard spritzing them with vodka and freezing them helps to kill any bacteria so you still don’t have to wash them even longer! That one was from the Rachel Ray show, however I’ve never tried it yet!
2. Wash Your Jeans On The Cold Cycle & Hang Dry
Since polyester, Rayon and spandex are synthetic materials it means they’re more likely to break down when exposed to heat. Think of it like exposing Barbie hair to heat, it just shrivels right up! PS - don’t burn your child’s Barbie hair please!
So washing on cold cycle and hang drying is yet just another way to help preserve the shape of your jeans! While cotton doesn’t have this issue with breaking down the fibers in heat, it will certainly shrink! So if your jeans have more than 80% cotton, don’t wash in warm or dry them unless you intentionally want them a size smaller! Oddly enough, one caveat - don’t line dry your cotton jeans on the line outside when it’s hot out. This has been shown to still shrink garments when exposed to dry or hot temps outside to dry!
3. Wash Inside Out
This tip is more so geared for black or dark wash jeans but color fade comes from water and friction so if you turn the garment inside out there’s less friction where the color shows. This will be more important on denim that is majority cotton rather than the blend of cotton and synthetics listed above as well!
4. Use The Right Detergent
Now hear me out here... is your washing machine HE or High Efficiency? If so, make sure you’re using HE laundry detergent. These washers are meant to use less water and the HE detergent doesn’t sud up as much so if you’re using a non HE detergent, your jeans are most likely going to have left over residue on them!
5. Tip for the rest of your laundry...
Zip ‘em Up! read that right! Zip up the zippers so they don’t snag on more fragile items in the wash! Ever notice how your tees get holes around the belt area? Think of all the friction that area is getting all day long by the buttons or snaps on your jeans - then you throw them in the wash with jagged metal zippers and the material starts to break down with a hole or piling. So do up those buttons and zip up those pants girl!
And there you have it, just 5 easy ways to take care of those oh so cozy jeans! Let us know if you have any additional tips or tricks to help take care of your clothes or denim! We’d love to lead them!
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