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Last week, we talked about three popular fashion trends headed into fall as well as hair trends and care, makeup trends and skincare and lastly how to prep for a little R & R time and booking your winter vacation! That article had so many goodies in it that we just had to make a second segment to make sure you ladies know just some great options are for your personal style this new season.

Have you ever had anyone remark how a certain color or pattern of clothing brings out your eyes? Or have you ever felt that a certain color of a top either warms your skin or drowns you out? In our busy lives, it can sometimes be hard to remember what is what when headed to the store or checking out your favorite online boutique…maybe like The Humming Arrow!😊 So this week’s style edition for fall we’ll be discussing what colors of tops go best with your fall hair color and skin tone and how you can play that into what trends work best for your style!

If you’ve ever headed to a makeup counter and asked the employee for help on foundation, they’ll most likely first ask do you have pink or yellow undertones. And if you’re like me in the past you just looked with jaw slightly opened and replied “ughhhh, I think I’m….”. I’m pretty sure I’ve told those girls both sets of answers just to try to see what worked best for me because honestly, I wasn’t taught on how to check what my skin tones were. So let’s take this step by step:

  1. Cool tones have more pink, red or blue undertones. Not sure how to check easily? Look at the veins in your wrist, are they more blue or more green? Blue veins reflect more cool undertones while the green reflects more warm undertones. For me personally, I can tell by the veins plus in my cheeks that have a lot more red in them. Next to check are your eyes! Cool undertones tend to have more blues and gray tints in them. Most times cool undertones have blue, gray or green eyes. My husband and I often argue on what color my eyes are – I call them blue, he calls them hazel, I then tell him he’s color-blind!  So you may be like me and have flecks of multiple colors in your eyes too! Cool tones tend to look great with silver jewelry and blue, green or purple clothing.

  1. Warm tones have more yellow, peach, or gold tint in their skin tone. Your cheeks and under eyes will show a little more yellow or soft peach as a warm tone. As we mentioned above, green veins in your wrists tend to reflect a warm undertone. Warm undertones tend to have brown, hazel or amber eyes. This is why you may be more likely to see gold flecks in your eyes as well as a warm undertone. Warm undertones tend to look great with gold jewelry and red, orange or yellow clothing.

Now yes, your natural hair color may also lean you towards what tones you are but if you’re like me I just went from being blond for the last year and half – two years to dark again! So let’s break down what works best with your hair colors!


  • Blond Family:
      • Best colors to wear that will compliment your hair: Blondes generally look best in bright or warm colors however neutrals such as cream, taupe or crisp white work nicely if you’re going for a “cool tone” outfit.  For lighter brunettes or dusty blonds saturated shades rather than pastels. Jewel tones flatter warm honey blondes as does the colors with red undertones. Platinum blondes look amazing in a true red as well as any hue of blue. Overall great colors for blondes are warm yellows, oranges and rust which speak hellooooo fall to us!
        • Fall Color trend to wear: Think deep or bright reds such as “cherry red.” What is being referenced as “digital blue” for the 2018 color trends for fall and winter is another great option, think royal blue or cobalt. And of course, we’ll take a cue from nature here that orange and rust is your go to color this season!


    1. Red Family:
        • Best colors to wear that will compliment your hair: Redheads look fabulous in many greens like seafoam, mint, grass green, aqua green or turquoise as a contrast. Speaking of a distinct contrast, ivory looks beautiful against your beautiful red locks. In that same realm of ivory with lighter colors like blush, soft yellow, coral, peach work nicely as well. Dark auburn and true red hair is complemented nicely by earth tones such as beige, brown, and camel. For strawberry blonde and light auburn hair, peachy pink, violet blue, and golden yellow are top choices. True pink, bright purple and lavender with red hair offer an eye-catching cross that is sure to be noticed by your friends!

          • Fall Color Trend to Wear: Whisky Brown – yep just like that glass of dark liquor, this warm brown with tints of “wood veining” looks great on redheads. Warm shades of orange and soft yellows and purples such as lavender or lilac will look stunning this season. For a fun contrast, try electric blue to make it really pop!

      1. Brown Family:
          • Best colors to wear that will compliment your hair: For brunettes, jewel tones such as amethyst (purple), emerald green, forest green or sapphire blue are super flattering. Warm brunettes look amazing in olive, and orange red like cranberry or a deep purple or burgundy. Depending on your highlights or sombre/ombre look – some oranges, pinks and yellows like mustard are also beautiful options. Cool brunettes stand out in chocolate brown, navy blue and charcoal gray. Darker colors are great for this hair color as it won’t drown out your skin tone. For a neat contrast, lime green can be a beautiful option.

            • FallColor Trend to Wear: Girl you have a lot of options this season! All the way from the royal blues, lilac or lavender, sapphire yellow or emerald green! Warm brunettes will look gorgeous in orange-red and olive as well. As a contrast for in trend, think fuchsia!

        1. Jet Black Family:
            • Best colors to wear that will compliment your hair: Black hair looks amazing when teamed up with fire-engine red, cobalt blue or royal purple. A repeating theme in the color wheel, jewel tones such as sapphire blue, topaz yellow or ruby are gorgeous amongst these locks. For a vibrant look think orange or ivory and for a softer look think pink or blush.

              • Fall Color Trend to Wear: Have you ever seen a gal in cobalt blue with jet black hair because every.single.time. it’s absolutely gorgeous and it just so happens to be in the 2018 fall color report this year too! Sapphire yellow is beautiful in florals for this hair color – extra perk here, florals are still in season as well. Deep emerald green or teal make for a nice rich look in your outfit!  

            So while you’re checking out the pattern trends of plaid, florals, animal print, military vibe or eclectic 80’s you have lots of options to be able to pick from in this year’s wardrobe. Looking into the winter and spring season of 2019, we’re already seeing a lot of these colors repeating so the fashion you pick now will continue to carry you on trend right into next year which we feel is a triple perk!

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            Let us know which color tones or hair colors you fall into and which styling you’re looking forward to most. Help your best girl squad out and share this article with them to make sure all you pretty ladies are on point this season!

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