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It’s 5:30A on a Saturday morning and here I was dreaming about you, my customer, my friend, my supporter, my cheerleader. I was dreaming about you walking into my new store and how I would greet you and the smile on your face from walking in the first time. Seeing a new business open up in a small town that hey, let’s face it has some cute stuff that’s now a lot closer than driving to a bigger city. And I’d greet you by saying, “Hey love, welcome!” So I felt it only fitting to talk to you gals just the same as if you were stopping by. I got excited thinking about it all and popped right out of bed 7 minutes later so here we are now. I wish I could be super cool like all you coffee drinking ladies and say I’m enjoying my warm cup of coffee while writing this message to you but truth is I’m not a coffee fan unless it’s the stuff that’s absolutely filled with all the sugar and syrup and things that make it a 1200 calorie – 8 ounce cup of coffee. It’s only then do I love coffee, which by the way if you’re local, 392 Café has some great cups of deliciousness.  Instead I go for a pre-workout drink as my morning caffeine, yet I don’t work out afterwards so I have a whole lot of jittery goodness ready to rub off in these words.

As I approach April 2nd, I get a little nostalgic of our anniversary and why I started the boutique. My daughter, Emery had just turned 3 and my youngest, Levi just turned 1. It was the turn of the year which of course causes everyone to question every area of their life and why they’re not doing something more of what they love. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I had an idea for a boutique but the idea festered for a few years more. But after New Years in 2017, the idea came back with a much louder roar in mind of “why not now”. At this time in my life, I was still nursing my son, still toting around a big ole’ diaper bag with all the things and definitely still adjusting to two children who could now cause mischief when we went to a store. So heaven forbid I even think about bringing them to go try on clothes with me because usually it ended up with them trying to escape from underneath the door as if we’re in a bathroom stall again. After all Target doesn’t have a kid’s corner to drop off kids while I go meander the store and try on clothes! Online shopping was the answer to finding cute things in a quick timeframe without the hassle of either finding someone to take the kids or having to be rushed because I had to get back to pick them up.

With two young kids came along a new mom bod that kept changing from the pregnancy bod, to the nursing bod, to the post nursing bod and back again. Which for me was a whole lot of fluctuation and definitely still is now almost 2 years post nursing. I was knocking on 30-years-old and still had some clothes that were from my high school and college days. I had surpassed survival mode clothing and was in need of something that was going to make me actually level up my style for my new life. By day I worked full time in outside sales for a telecom company so I had business professional clothing that I wore for work but my “going out” for either errands or a rare night out with my husband, Travis was dismal. I knew I couldn’t be the only woman with this issue. Queue The Humming Arrow Boutique was born.

The name was derived from a couple different areas but most importantly from my Grandma Eleanor, whom had passed not too long before starting the boutique. We were very close despite not getting to see her often as she lived far away but when I did, she always had a hummingbird feeder and loved to sit and watch them come eat from the feeder. Those are some of my fondest memories with her. I then started looking more into hummingbirds and came across a Native American Hummingbird Prayer. Low and behold I found one that has become the foundation of who we are. And just like in life, when an arrow is pulled back it is meant to only be propelled farther than where it started. Hence The Humming Arrow Boutique.

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We started from the kitchen table and basement of our home but it only took a short two weeks of being operational that I did my first vendor show. It was there I learned how much I loved having face to face interaction with you gals. After doing multiple shows and pop up events that I would carry all the items by hand, my husband surprised me with an enclosed trailer in support of my dream. In one week’s time we converted a bare enclosed trailer to a fully functioning fashion trailer equipped with lights and a changing room. I enjoy being able to serve not only online but in person when ladies want to touch and feel. It was December of 2018 that I was approached by the City of Preston to take The Humming Arrow to the next step for an actual storefront – that doesn’t move on wheels! And I couldn’t be more excited for this next stage. As of now, I’m still planning on attending our large events at the Jackson County Rodeo and R7 Reclaimed Events with the trailer.

We know living in a rural community means traveling a fair amount to get to go try on cute clothes or just having the same items as everyone else from the local stores. It often means hoping your kids will be on good behavior by the time you make it to the store, for you to maybe just find one thing for you but leaving even more frustrated from when you walked out the door because they asked 1112 questions in only 20 minutes. That is why we offer convenient shopping at the touch of your fingers or just down the road. Yes, please still bring those babes and let them play in our playroom so you can enjoy an adult conversation and have a moment to try on not just one but a handful of curated items that we’ve helped advise of their fit to better suit you.

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Our NEW store is located at..12 W Gillet ST Preston, IA 52069

So who is The Humming Arrow Boutique for?
We provide style for women who are busy. Between being a mama and her daily job either at home with the kids or running to work, we understand you don’t have time to fuss about what you’re wearing. We know that most of your days are spent running crazy and you need comfortable clothing yet still want to look cute and trendy. We recognize that you work hard day in and day out and getting to go out with friends or your spouse is a rarity sometimes but when you do, you want to step up your style game and feel amazing as a woman. We know you sometimes worry about finding the cutest outfit but worry about where you’re going to wear it and not getting enough use out of it as you’d like. Which is why we’ll help provide you ideas on how to integrate those pieces between work life, mom life,
and going out life!
We know that with all the daily stresses in life, that when feeling overwhelmed by all that’s going on you don’t have the mental capacity to worry about putting together a cute outfit. So, we’ll help by taking a photo of an outfit and sending it to you for closet inspiration so no second guessing is needed.
We’re for the women who are kind and spread positivity to those around them. You genuinely care for others but secretly still do love a compliment when your spouse, a friend, or a stranger notices a cute piece you’re wearing or how killer you look overall. We understand how our mom-bods have changed or regardless, the things don’t fit the way they used to with our ever-changing bodies. We may have even gotten to the point where we’ve lost what sense of style we thought we had before kids. We’re here to help you gain back some of that fierce – independent and sexy spirit we know you have. We provide items to take you from running errands with the kids to changing up some pieces and going out on a rare date night or to a local county fair or concert!
We offer a real woman – mom – wife – friend’s perspective on how things fit and feel. We offer ideas on how to step outside of the comfort zones you’ve built over the past years. In our view, it doesn’t matter what we think of how something looks on you – it’s how it looks on you in YOUR eyes. We want YOU to feel just as amazing as we know you are.
The Humming Arrow culture is rooted in integrity, kindness and of love. Here at The Humming Arrow we treat everyone as if they’re our best friend. We believe in growing the confidence one woman at a time because we know she’ll spread that confidence onto those around her at home. She’ll speak confidence into her children, into her coworkers, into her best friend’s lives and in turn the community has changed because one woman felt exceptionally better about hers. And each woman we help impact changes even more communities and stretches even farther good into the world and future generations.
The Humming Arrow believes in supporting the community and other local small businesses. A community is founded on those who are brave enough to step out and try something on their own and we want to build each other up together. We have goals to continue to grow not only our small business but of those around ours to help provide more opportunities. We value that everything we are given is because of blessings from God. He is at the center of all that we do because without Him none of this would be here. We know that we will stumble and sometimes get things wrong but when we lead with integrity and humility that even a failure is a triumph.
So if you read through all this and think that our Fierce Charm Tribe may be for you we would love to meet you and get to know you! P.S. A group of hummingbirds together is called a charm, hence “Fierce Charm Tribe”!
Come April 2019, you can find us at 12 W Gillet St Preston, Iowa. Tentatively set, we will be open Thursday nights from 5:30-7:30p each week as well as each Saturday from 10-3p. Please see our Facebook page below for confirmed times that we are open. Dependent on demand from you loves, later in the year we may begin to offer additional times to shop as I’m still working full time outside of the boutique today. If online is your jam or you want to scope out the site to see what you want to try on in store, you can find us
See all of our different social profiles here:
We can’t thank you enough for all your support and look forward to serving you.


Nicki Sig

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